racism in “Finding Forrester”

In the movie “Finding Forrester”, there are some racist implications.

First, there is an incident between Jamal and a BMW driver. As Jamal looks closer a BMW, the driver considered him skeptical. Jamal reassures him that he would not make his car broken. But the driver replied that Jamal knew nothing of the importance of the car. As Jamal can tell him the history of the car, the driver thanks for the history lesson and goes away. Here, racism is seen as the driver would not have expected such a knowledge from a black boy.

Next, the teacher Mr. Crawford is mentioned. The teacher has a very racist attitude. He thinks that black people from the Bronx cannot be intelligent. He does not believe in Jamal’s talent. He even accused that the stories are not written by Jamal himself.

The father of Claire is racist, too. It becomes clear at a party at Claire’s house. When he sees that his daughter is talking to Jamal, he comes to them and takes her away from Jamal.

All in all, Jamal has to contend with the prejudice against blacks.


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