interpretation of a cartoon

The cartoon was drawn by Kevin Dietsch and was published in 2008 on cagle It shows a young black man, obviously the president Barack Obama, who stretches out his hand painfully to another, larger man standing on a pedestal which shows the letters “history”. This larger man is Martin Luther King. In his hand, he holds his famous speech “I have a dream” of 28th August 1983. The key point the cartoon is trying to make is to expose the fact that Barack Obama has not reached the status of Martin Luther King, although it is often said of him.

Martin Luther King was an important civil rights activist. He wanted to achieve equality for the African American population in the United States. The pedestal in the drawing symbolizes that King has gone down in history. Barack Obama is trying to get on the pedestal. King invites him to his hand, but Obama cannot reach the hand yet. His view is hopeless. To get on the podium, he must take more difficulties, because only the fact that he is a president is not enough. But he is already on the right track.

The cartoon appeals to me. In my opinion it is well-made. I think that Obama cannot be compared to Martin Luther King, because King struggled all his life for the rights, while Obama has not achieved much yet.


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