A Lesson Before Dying

Read chapters 1-6. Take notes on the setting.

  • courtroom scene, Jefferson: robbery and murder? -> no, innocent
  • also there: Grant Wiggins (narrator), Miss Emma (J.‘ godmother), Tante Lou (Grant’s aunt)
  • Friday morning, Alcee Gropé was killed
    – 1. version: Jefferson
    – 2. version: prosecuting attorney
    – 3. version: defense attorney -> Jeff: „it“, „thing“, like „a hog in the electric chair“ —> guilty!
  • Monday morning: Emma+Lou+Rev. Mose back in courtroom, judge sentences Jeff. to death
  • Monday afternoon: Grant Wiggins -> black teacher, visits Miss Emma + Tante Lou -> want to meet Henri Pichot -> should talk to sheriff, so that Grant can visit Jeff.
  • At Pichot’s house -> greated by Inez Lane, Pichot in library
  • Grant in kitchen -> helped Emma + Lou as they worked there for Pichots
  • Pichot enters room with friend (Louis Rougon), agrees to talk with sheriff
  • Monday evening: Grant to Rainbow Club (Bayonne), meets owners Joe + Thelma Claiborne, calls girlfriend Vivian Baptiste -> she comes, agrees that Grant should visit Jeff.
  • Tuesday: Grant back at school, kids have no discipline, tells them about Jeff’s execution -> cruel
  • Farell Jarreau (Pichot’s yardman), tell Grant that Pichot wants to meet him
  • Pichot’s house: Sheriff Guidry, Henri Pichot, Louis Rougon, „fat man“ come, discuss Jeffersons situation
    —> Grant can visit Jeff. in „couple of weeks“

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