Living and working conditions of slaves

Collect information from the text on the living and working conditions of slaves. Summarize your information in a short essay.

The owner of a farm owned several fields. Therefore he also had many slaves who divided the work on the field. They had to work in all weathers. There was a lot of violence and the slaves were often punished, especially with whips. The overseers had no mercy with the slaves, they had to obey them absolutely. Beside their hard work on the plantation, they still had to wash and to cook for themselves. All slaves had a common bed on the cold, damp floor. The slaves had no freedom and no privacy. Once a month the slaves got some food and yearly cheap clothes. If the children of the slaves lost their clothes, they had to work naked. The children got no education, they just had to work, too.

All in all, the life of a slave was very miserable. They had to work under bad living and working conditions.


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  1. julia10d

    Hey Franziska,
    in my opinion you wrote a nice summary of the slave´s living conditions. You refered to the important things and posted a suitable lenght.

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