The Yes Men

The Yes Men published on the 12th November 2008 a fake edition of the newspaper „The New York Times“. The motto „All the news we hope to print“ was on the first page, therefore the newspaper includes headlines like „IRAQ WAR ENDS“. There is also a fake website, the adress is

The „Yes Men“ is an activists group. They make a lot of political pranks, because they want to encourage others to do and to change something in the world. The Yes Men often step about borders and provoke with it consciously. Not everybody understands this. Many people think that their actions are exaggerates and that they behave improperly.
But in my opinion they are doing a good job. Their procedures are interesting and funny. They REALLY want to change something in the world. This is very good, because if nobody go up against the bad things in the world nothing will be changed. Furthermore there is a press freedom in the world. It is a human right to say the own opinion, so there shall be no censorship. I think that the Yes Men can go on as long as they do not hurt general laws or very personal honor.

So all in all I think that there must be groups like „The Yes Men“, because they really want to change something and there is something which really must be changed.


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3 Antworten zu “The Yes Men

  1. jutta10d

    I think your introduction is well done.
    And also the structure of your text is good understandable.
    All in all it is a good homework 🙂
    Greets, Jana

  2. laripari

    Hi Franziska :),
    your comment is very good. It is very well structured and I like your own opinion very much because I agree with you.

  3. Melanie

    Hey =)
    The structure of your text is really good. Next to the general information about the faked newspaper you mentioned facts about the intentions of the ‚yes-man‘. Furthermore your opinion is very clear, although I agree only halfway with your argumentation.
    Your conclusion is also very comprehensible and it summarizes your view in quiet a good way.

    Melanie 🙂

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