Freedom of Press?

This picture shows a cartoon. The abbreviation of the cartoonist is below on the right. However, it is not well readable. It was created in response to the World Press Freedom Day in 2008. The cartoon shows a prison cell with four occupants, one of them is a journalist. So the key point the cartoon is trying to make is to expose the fact that even today the press freedom is not kept and that journalists are responsible for their articles.

About every person is a speech bubble, because all four inhabitants tell their reason for the prison stay. The black man on the left side disturbed the peace. The man who sits beside him made an attack against the head of the state. The reason for the third one is that he violated the national security. This three persons are looking offended, stubborn and bored. Except the fourth man: He looks very sad. He is a stereotype of a journalist with his black-grey suit and this stylish hair. He has reported only about bad weather.
So the message of the cartoonist is clear: He criticises that journalists are in prison with “real” criminals, although they only reported about something bad. They are not the reason for the problems, but some governments hold the journalists for responsible. So journalists must pay attention what they write, they must be careful. But this is against the the press freedom: Every person can write what he wants without being punished.

This cartoon appeals me. In my opinion it is a good way to show the problems with the freedom of the press in an ironic and light way. Journalists should not be in prison, only because they reported about a bad thing (exaggerated here with „bad weather“). The press freedom is important for a society in which own opinions can exist.


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