Iraqis Around the World Celebrate U.S. Withdrawal, Rebuilding Plan

The newspaper article “Iraqis Around the World Celebrate U.S. Withdrawal, Rebuilding Plan” written by F. Wunderlich published on 4th July 2009 by The New York Times deals with the situation and future of Iraqi refugees.

The U.S. forces were withdrawing from Iraq, the war which started in 2003 is over. Iraqi refugees are happy and celebrate but they do not know if they want to go back.
There are nearly 4,7 million Iraqi refugees all over the world. Half of them remain in the country, but they live far away from their family and friends. 2 million refugees still live in Syria and Jordan, which refugee camps Amnesty International describes as inhuman places. The rest of the 200.000 refugees live beyond the Middle East, mainly to Europe. But they are do not allowed to work there.
There are many reasons why the refugees do not know if it is right to return. Iraq that existed before war has disappeared. Some refugees thinks that the withdrawal from the U.S. forces is only the first step to a better future. Furthermore to return to the country is very expensive, the refugees have to build new houses and buildings because the whole country is destroyed. Some refugees do not have the strength to start a new life, others are feared of a new war. During the war, Iraqi refugees had only two options: To live far away from home without any rights and hopes for a better future or to return to their dangerous country. But today, many Iraqis are optimistic and want a better life for their friends and famiy.


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