Iraqis Around the World – Analysis

The article „Iraqis Around the World Celebrate U.S. Withdrawal, Rebuilding Plan“ is published by the New York Times (Broadsheet), so it is an article from a quality paper. It is a news report with some editorial parts, because there are some opinions of Iraqi refugees in it. All “wh-questions” (who, what, when, where, why) are answered, it is clear that this article is about the end of the Iraq war and the doubtful future of the refugees. There is the inverted pyramid, too. First of all there is an objective introduction with some brackground knowledge and the main information about the content. After that, there are many information about the behaviour of the refugees. In the last paragraph is a short résumé, it says that the future is unkown.

The headline is meaningful and sensational and in the article is a good separation between facts and opinion, because all personal opinions and emotions of people are signed with names, ages and direct speech. The authors name is under the headline (F. Wunderlich).

The readership has to be intelligent and cultured, because there are some facts that you do not know if you are not interested in (e.g. “militias are everywhere” – what are militias?).

There is a picture in the centre of the article. It fits to the rest of the article.

The language of the article is a formal precise language, the interviews are in everyday english but without any slang. In the first paragraph, there is a contrast between the words  “nightmare” and “pipe-dream”, which shows that there ary many different opinions of the question if going back to Iraq is a good idea or not.


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