Press Freedom – Nick Cohen

Two sides to the argument

Roger Koeppel (Die Welt)

Maleeha Lodhi (Pakistani High Commissioner)

  • published Danish cartoons of Muhammad
  • gets death threats but ignores them
  • „essential to protect freedom of expression because of all the pain we have invested to keep our liberal, secular society“
  • defends his right to say his opinion, even it is against other opinions
  • liberal democracy
  • does not like the tendency in the West
  • has a problem with the cartoon
  • “we demand respect”
  • wants a censorship for the cartoon
  • “servant” of Pakistani military dictatorship, they have blasphemy laws, send journalists with critical opinions to prison
  • Military dictatorship
  • “tide is with the supporters of suppression”


Where do you stand?

  • believe in freedom of speech
  • it is a human right to say own opinion, there shall be no censorship
  • shall have limits in general laws and personal honor
  • baseless accusations are not right, opinion/critic have to base on true facts
  • journalism HAS to be critical
  • many journalists have not strength to stay on their opinion
  • interpretations of cartoons can be very different

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