Media and Audiences

The extract „When Information Rules“ from the book „Media and Audiences“ written by Karen Ross and Virginia Nightingale deals with the modern definition of „audiences“.
Nowadays, it is more complicated being an audience than in the past. In the past, the media was a group activity. But today, it is an individual action. Furthermore many people uses different media at the same time. There is also an increase of new media, so there are many new possibilities for people to get information. There is a new definition of „audiences“ because there is a globalisation of communication environment. New technologies are invented very fast, a sign for the new dimension of media was the invention of reality TV in the 1990s.
All in all the meaning of  „audiences“  is permanently changing.


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2 Antworten zu “Media and Audiences

  1. Melanie Janssen

    Hello Franziska =)

    Your text is well-structured and easy to understand, even if I had not read the text I could understand the chief contents. Furthermore your introduction sentence presents a general view of the whole text. Sometimes you used the same formulation in one sentence like :

    There is a new definition of „audiences“ because there is a globalisation of communication environment.

    But all in all I really enjoyed reading your text.
    Melanie =)

  2. Hey (:
    I agree with Melanie.
    Your summary is neither to short nor to long.
    The main points are well outlined and s.o. who is not informed on this theme gets to know facts ‚media and audiences‘ deal with.
    Well done (:

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