Peace Process in Northern Ireland

“No more terror”

The peace process in Northern Ireland was very painful and hard. But in 1994, the IRA (Irish Republican Army) made the first move to freedom and hope.

On 31 August 1994, the Belfast Telegraph reported on the new happenings in Ireland. They declared with big letters „After 3,168 deaths and 25 years of terror, the IRA says… IT’S OVER“. In this article it was announced that the IRA wanted a ceasefire.

The news of 31 August 1994, the day of the IRA ceasefire statement, lifted the spirits of everyone in Northern Ireland and raised the hopes of the world that another trouble spot might at least find peace. (Belfast Telegraph, 31 August 1994, p.10)

But the author was sceptical and could not believe that the fights will be over. He thought that there will be a political battle in the future, too. This opinion reflected to the whole nation. Finally, the battle struggled for 25 years. In the IRA Ceasefire Statement, the IRA underlines the spirit of freedom and desire for peace and confidence. The unfairness should be break up and they trust in strength and justice. This was the entry of the peace process.

“Good Friday Agreement”

On 10 April 1998, the Friday Agreement was decided. It was a new beginning between the catholics and the protestants. They arranged a declaration to support. There was no war anymore and everybody wanted to cooperate. This declaration made the cooperation easier and was an entry to freedom and democracy. The agreement was a big triumph for the Britih Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Irish leader Bertie Ahern. The agreement can be viewed on this website:

“Farewell to Arms”

Some people think that the war continues furthermore. There is still a war but just without arms. There will  be no sudden and complete change, because it is like a puzzle: Many opinions but it do not fit. There will always be discussions whether the peace has really come in Ireland. Either they maybe find a compromise or there is the possibility of a new war.


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