The Roles of Women in the Easter Rising


Interview with Piano Annie

Bettie: Hello Annie!

Annie: Oh, hello Bettie!

B: How are you, Annie?

A: Oh, I’m fine. thanks. The last days were very busy.

B: Yes, I know, the rebels wanted a revolution at the General Post Office. What do you think about the Rising and the situation at the GPO?

A: I think that the Rising is unnecessary. I don’t want any fucking republic. I just wanted my money at the GPO, but the rebels are assholes. So my attitude was kind of aggressive.

B: That’s just like you. Which problem do you have with the soldiers?

A: This aren’t any real soldiers. They are stupid. Oh, but one boy was cute. You know me, I’m not shy. So I kissed him.

B: Oh Annie!

A: I’m a direct person!

B: But haven’t you any bad conscience against your husband?

A: He is dead. I don’t want to talk about him.

B: What’s the name of your new toy?

A: Haha, Bettie. He’s not my toy. He is just.. nice. His name is Henry, he is a fucking rebel, so he is very strong. And horny.

B: Annie! Okay, it’s your live. Know I have to go, my husband’s waiting. Bye Annie!

A: Bye, Bettie!


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