Part 1 – Chapter 3

The novel „A Star Called Henry“ is written by the author Robby Doyle. The third chapter in the first part is about a day at work for Henry, this is the first day he meets his boss.

Henry Smart Senior goes to work with a lot of enthusiasm. He is a bodyguard in the brothel of Dolly Oblong. Oblong wants to see Henry, so she calls for him.  She does not like that Henry rejects so many customers. When Henry enters the room, he is very impressed of Dolly Oblong. This is the first time he sees his boss. She tells him that he is not good for her business because he does not let enough customers pass through. But she also says that her business partners are very satisfied with Henry Senior’s message delivery jobs. Henry perceives that Dolly Oblong could be Alfie Gandon, the person who gives him names of persons he should kill. After the conversation, Henry is very happy and he falls in love with Dolly Oblong, so he lefts his family. He wants to impress her, so he works very hard. In the meantime his family grows. His oldest son Henry is five years old and very independent. Henry Smart Junior’s mother is pregnant, after some time Henry’s brother Victor is born.


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3 Antworten zu “Part 1 – Chapter 3

  1. mag92

    Hey Franziska,

    I think you wrote a good summary. You used just the main information and there aren´t any details, you could leave out, in it. You wrote in present tense, but next time you could write a general exposition sentence to describe the general theme of the chapter.

    LG, Magret

  2. taziana

    hey Franz von assisi 🙂
    A little joke 🙂

    At first I want to say that your text is very good, but there is a little mistake.
    If someone reads the story who does not know how the story is about has a problem to understand which henry is henry senior and which henry is the young.
    The next point is that you summarize the feelings of henry senior.
    Stick the facts!

    Greetings, tatjana

  3. G.Kleen

    Hi Franziska,

    I think this was a good summary of the chapter. When you write the summary of a text or book make sure you start with title and author (you wouldn´t start with 3rd chaper or sth like that then.) You should try to give the overall topic in the introductury sentence then, like here I would rather say: it is about a day at work for Henry, the first day he meets his boss. (language: goes to work with a lot of enthusiasm).
    careful: present tense: he leaves the family
    structure your texts into paragraphs: last part about the family is a new part!

    I think that it is clear when you are talking about young and old Henry, so I do not agree with Tatjana in that point.

    Greetings, Kn

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