Franziska “What’s in a name?”


persons: Franziska

place: Paris (In the Latin signifies my name „French“, „in French“. It is derived originally from the people of the francs. The stem of the word „frank“ signifies so much as „freely“.), Rome (In the church several holy Franziskas appear. The probably best known is the holy Franziska of Rome. She counts as a protective patroness of Rome, women and drivers.), cloister (Franziska can come from the saint Franz von Assisi.)

time: 9.3. (my name day) 2000

Rising Action:

Franziska reads a book. (In Lessings „ Minna von Barnhelm “ is Franziska the chambermaid of the castle lady. The name became known thereby in the 18-th century.) She lives in a cloister in Paris, France. There she lives a modest life as a nun. However, when Franziska puts aside her book, she notices, that somebody has taken money from the collection. She tries to get out who the thief is.


Franziska finds out that the thief is her best friend. She is shocked and says it immediately the uppermost nun.

Falling Action

The nun calls the police, Franziska is so shocked that she leaves the cloister in Paris and goes to Rome. There she wants to find the faith in the people again.


God helps her to award to her friend. Franziska lives furthermore a happy life. 🙂


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2 Antworten zu “Franziska “What’s in a name?”

  1. english902hannah

    Hey! Well done homework! The text is easy to read and to understand and well structured.
    But at the climax it has to be „She is shocked and says it immediately..“ instead of „say it immediately“
    Hannah 🙂

  2. taziana

    Hey Franz von Assisi 😛

    I think you write a very informativ text, so I know where the origin of your name is but it is`not so distructured in the first part.

    Greetings, Tatjana

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