A Modest Proposal

Ireland, 1729 The famous author Johnathan Swift writes in his work “A Modest Proposal” about the suggestion to eat children. It is a satire, nevertheless, the Irishmen are shocked. Swift complains about the beggars all over Ireland. Most of them are mothers with their children. According to Swift these children are useless, because they keep their mother away from work.

So children are a big problem for Ireland and the person who finds a solution would be a hero. Swift thinks, he could be this hero.

Before he starts to write about his suggestion, he claims to reduce the number of the abortions. After that he assures once again the uselessness of the children. They do not make any profit before they are twelve years old. They cannot go to work and earn some money, they are just expensive, for example you have to buy them food. His suggestion is to sell and to eat the children. They taste delicious and are very nourishing and you have many possibilitys to cook them. Of the 120.000 children in Ireland, he wants 20.000 to reserve for breed. This would be a good solution for the landlords. The landlords can cook the children and can make gloves and shoes out of the skin. Then, in addition, the mothers could go to work again. There will be a less number of papists, because they have many children you can eat. This statement shocked the whole papist population. Swift writes that poor tenants can pay theit taxes by selling their children. They are all saving money which will stay in Ireland. The export of children will be a nice business. Also the cooks can make profit, because they can create new dishes and there will be a new competition. He explains once again the going back number of the abortions. Swift writes also about the positive aspect of the new mothercare. More people want to marry and the fathers would be lovely, they would not hit their wives anymore.

It is clear that Jonathan Swift wants to provoke. He wants to fight against the nation because he thinks that they do nothing to help the beggars. Nevertheless, many Irishmen protest against the spreading of this text. In the end, children are not a source, they are important for the future of Ireland.


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2 Antworten zu “A Modest Proposal

  1. Hai

    Hey Franziska,

    ’nourish‘ instead of ’nouvish‘ ;>

    i do not really know if ‚a lesser‘ exist, i would have used ‚less‘

    ‚Swift writes‘ instead of ‚Swift write‘

    I am amazed ^.^ The picture is an extraordinary idea.
    Apart from little slips I have nothing to complain about.
    Your article is pretty good and sweeping 🙂

    Greetings, Hai

  2. G.Kleen

    Hi Franziska,

    you gave a good summary of the most important points and added analysis and your own opinion in this article. There are some language mistakes in. Still, your text can be followed easily. Good work!


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