Analysing pictures

This picture is taken from the internetblog „“ by Ms Kleen. You can see a pencil drawing by an unknown artist, it is a portrait of a poor family.

There is a mother with her two children, both are little girls. The mother is a a woman of approximately 30/35 years. She looks very desperate and sad. She has long hair but she wears a dirty dress. The woman is very thin, she looks straight ahead. Her hands rest on the shoulders of her children. Her children are two young girls, they are looking very afraid, just like their mother. They have long hair and are very thin, too. Their clothes are bust and dirty. Their body language shows that they are feeling very hopeless. There is only the shadow of this little family in the background.  They all look very hungry. This leads to the conclusion that this picture illustrated the Great Famine in Ireland. The Great Famine was in 1845, and the whole population of Ireland, even women and children, was very hungry, because the potato crop was very bad. This picture is very realistic and it shows that this was a poor time. You can see that this family holds together, they do not interact, but the children leech on to her mother. The father is missing. All in all, this picture is very  impressive?, because when you read a text about the Great Famine, you cannot understand, how big their desperaion was. But now you can see, that the people were very unhappy and you just feel like that you wanted to help them. So, it is a very effective illustration of the situation.

(Edit: Improved version of Ms Kleen.)


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2 Antworten zu “Analysing pictures

  1. Hai

    Hey Fransika,

    Her two children are young girls,(they instead of there?) are looking very (afraid withouut double f)…

    Another Improvement could be that you could divide the second and the third part of the visual analysis. Somehow, i could not find the split between description and analysis.

    But all in all I believe that you have concerned with that topic closely. It is well written and comprehensive.You varied you vocabulary.

    Nice work ;>


  2. Hai

    without without double u* 😛


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