The Great Irish Potato Famine

In 1850, the potato was introduced into Ireland, because Ireland has the perfect climate for this vegetable. The majority was poor and so the cheep potato became very popular. In the middle of the 19th century Ireland was dependent of the potato crop, because the people ate potatos every day. But in 1845, a diasaster happened: The crop was destroyed by Phytophthora infestans. This is a potato disease, it came from Mexico to Ireland and ruined in September 1845 the whole potato crop. The people started to die. They died in their own houses, in the fields and on the roads. All in all over one Million people die or went to another country, e.g. New York. By 1850, 26 % of the residents of New York were Irish people. There were more Irish-born citizens there than in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin. The British government tried to displace the potato, but this was not a good idea. And now my Computer died and my wonderfull text was deleted. Yes, i love it. I’ll post my new text in a few days (:


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2 Antworten zu “The Great Irish Potato Famine

  1. Hai

    You mentioned the dates =)

    They dies in their own houses, in the fields and on the roads.

    i don’t know, perhaps died? :>
    i’m sorry if it is right 😉

    I like your style of writing.
    It is positively comprehensive.
    In addition, you mentioned only the most important facts so far.
    Aside from some little careless mistakes I think it was pretty well written 😛


  2. Julia

    First of all some spelling mistakes in line one (because) and in line 7 (die) otherwise a good written text including all the important information which are mentioned in the task.

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