Irish cuisine

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Irish cuisine

The Irish cuisine is very rustic and simple. You can often eat things like fish (salmon, lobster) and seafood. You even can eat sheep and lambs.  On the traditional Irish menu are rather rustic ingredients such as cabbage and potatoes.

Meat is often braised and ‚Pies‘ (meat pies) are processed. Sheep or mutton are the basis for an Irish National Court, the ‚Irish Stew‘.

Potatos were the food of the Irish poor rural populationfor a long time. This was even a danger for Ireland: From 1845 to 1851 the potato crop throughout the country, it came to a disaster, 1.5 million Irish people died.  This disaster is known as „The Great Famine“ and it almost killed the whole population of the Irish west and the Irish language, Gaelic.

The modern Irish cuisine has French and Italian influences. It used lamb and beef. This is very tasty and of high quality.

The Irish cuisine is famous for the seafood: oysters, clams, scallops, lobster, crabs and numerous freshwater and saltwater fish are very tasty. Especially the Irish salmon enjoys great popularity today. Salmon will be grilled as well as poached and smoked.


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2 Antworten zu “Irish cuisine

  1. nelechristine

    Hi Franziska (: Thank you very much . I like your text, too. It is very interesting designed and the pictures fit to the topics very well.
    I am proud of you 😀
    I am sure you have spent plenty of time in writing about the themes and you’ve done a good job ;D.

  2. Hai

    Hey Franziska,

    Even sheep and lambs can you eat. <-I used a wrong structure.
    You even can eat sheep and lambs. or Even sheep and lambs can be eaten.

    Potatos were long time the food of the Irish poor rural population.
    I think a 'for a' is missing at 'long time' and that that adverbial part has to be put at the front or in end the end of that phrase. Apart from that, could it be possible that you've got a enumeration there ' Irish poor rural population' and that commas are missing? =)

    It is very interesting to acquire knowledge about the Irish traditional cooking.
    Except for the little careless mistakes, you express yourself very well with different introductory conjunctions.^^


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